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genius never sleeps [Oct. 14th, 2010|08:50 pm]
an all too convincing sleep

genius eats leftovers
from greasy-cardboard-chinese food container
wipes mouth

genius sits and ponders
in awe and contempt

compulsively rereads
said works of genius
longing for recognition


reject of society,
desperate for that eye

sneers at the thought of snivel
dripping from those overcast mouths

the shit this whole place is covered in
and "you" can't even get a single piece published

an otherwise empty room

and wait.


wait for death to come
and for that inquiring mind to stumble
upon the works of intrigue
the works of an imbued misfit


wonder at word sense
debate meaning and influence
come to your own conclusions

stifle the voice twice over
a mute aptitude
a sorry detail under that continually scrutinizing lens


and just when no one listened
when the last well-worded letter of
"sorry, we can't use your work...."
appears in that same self addressed envelope

you push your glasses to meet the bridge of your nose
avert your eyes
and pause


the cold suicide note stiff in hand
the delicate twists of all those penned letters
ink brushed
ink smudged
ink fade-to-white


now pen fails


you dreamt they'd find you in those scrawled letters
on pages swept in unexplained urgency

they'd maybe decipher the distinctions in mood,
in age,
in fervency


you're the only fool
who looks at you



the only damn fool who wishes to know what you're thinking


the only damn fool who wants to be included in those infinite details


and when those eyes close,
for that last time

that ink-trail existence
that fanatical amalgamation
will be, so blotted,

by that insistent rain
the impartial, erasing rain