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you are the magical detail in this otherwise bleak painting - Jaimala [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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you are the magical detail in this otherwise bleak painting [Nov. 7th, 2010|09:23 pm]
i stare,
imbued by the quality rendered
by so few abstract brush strokes

by every definition

can't bring myself to touch it
to enter it


can't even speak of it
it riddles my existence

and yet,
it is only from that distant vantage
that altogether despondent place

where i cannot breathe
or move
or look away

i am frozen by the complexity
i am fixed upon that one glaring detail

that essence that speaks only of you,
that ethereal being,
who simply is
who is


speaks only of your vagrant nature
your boundless self

that fact that you are so unaware of that boundlessness
that wild beauty
like a reckless bird
like a nonchalant abstraction stretched somewhere in the distance
like a wide open expanse of sky
a renegade flower that springs up through the shit and muck and scream of vibrant color that cannot be characterized with words nor photographed for remembrance

a nature that is so part and parcel
that it rings loudly
vibrating those delicate fibers of being
with no effort

as wild and boundless as nature
as unexpected and unique as a spiraling string of DNA
as unaware as a fawn stooped low drinking from a puddle


an unsuspecting guru
a spiritually evolved ape
an enlightened fool...

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