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west virginia [Jun. 11th, 2011|10:43 am]
last night i had this dream where i was on this train and i think i was heading to coney island, it was weird because even though i was on the train it was still pretty much wide open. also, at one point the train was not even running on a track and the train was on grass and in these sorta jungly marshes and then at one point it ended up in the water, the people that were on the train were all confused and sorta panicking including me. then all of a sudden we're on the side of this mountain range sorta in the air or something and someone is explaining that we're in west virgina and the task at hand is to get to ny, we're supposed to be making this trip for some sort of purpose (i don't remember what) and we were being shown the mountains from this arial view there were lots and lots of them and parts of them were being circled almost like a computerized tv model or something. then we were being explained to the best way to go, the person or thing explaining i do not rmemeber but he did explicitly show us the direction to go (north) i remember listening to him and feeling scared and confused and then sorta strangely confident. there was a group of us and the explainer was telling us how we can travel either in pairs or singly but it would be best to travel in pairs. i remember being high up on the ledge of the mountain looking out. it was really scary looking. i also remember seeing thses sorta figures in the mountain, almost like the nasca lines and i rmemebver sorta understanding what they were all about but now i don't really remember those sort of details. i remember another part of the dream where me and this group are in this weird sorta like dive diner and we're sitting on bar stools waiting for food, we're all vegetarian, but there's meat in all our plates and one of the girls got a bird (feathers and all in a sandwich). these are the only details i really really remember. the mountain bit was really weird i wish i could show people visually what i was seeting and how strange the whole thing was i'm like in the mountains but i can also see from a totally arial vantage point and again, the directions being giving to us and even, how we got there it was really really weird and why were we there and how the hell did we get there and why was i even dreaming this to begin with.