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drimmmmm land [Aug. 14th, 2011|04:48 pm]
last night i had the oddest dream, i was in this facility and there was a lot a lot of people. for some reason i was selecting a group of about 10 men that i needed in order to help me with a project that i was doing. i was chosing only men and i had to tell all of these people to separate, men on one side women on the other, then while i was selecting the men i picked a cute one and was like, "so what he doesnt have a brain in his head, he's cute" then i'm not sure what happened and what exactly the project was, something about digging or something. then in this facility irene and mike are living there and for some reason i think it's haunted there and there's some sort of danger. it almost is like a hotel, there are separate rooms. i went to go knock on the door looking for irene, i knew mike wasn't home, from behind the door i hear a voice calling to me, it was an evil voice, it was an evil entity, telling me to come in anyway, it was beckoning me to come in and i almost gave in but then at the last min i walked away down this staircase. in the dream i had a lot more information about the whole situation including information about the evil entitity and what it was trying to do to me but i don't remember now. the last thing that i vividly remember was walking with mike looking for irene on the side of this road...it seemed almost like another country but it was still sorta cityish, with a sidewalk and a bus stop. by the bus stop we saw this girl and i thought it was irene mike didn't think it was. as we got closer we realized it was her only she was dressed completely out of character. from a distance it looked like she wasn't wearing a top and as we walked toward her it looked like a nude colored top then it changed. she had on this long sorta hippy skirt, she was barefoot and she had on this brown, short sleeved velvet turtleneck. we were both sorta shocked to see her like that but then i was thinking, it's irene, i like it. that's all i really remember.
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the most fitting horoscope of all time....... [Jul. 27th, 2011|11:31 pm]
Your Daily Horoscope - Scorpio

Wednesday, July 27th 2011

It might not be easy to implement a new way of life, especially when you take other people's opinions into consideration. It may be time to attempt things from a different angle, but get those in your inner circle to agree, Scorpio. Although the path may be a bit of a challenge, follow through on something that can change your world for the better.


and as i'm reading i say, what time is it, press the button on my phone...11:11....

the universe is insistent...
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the moon pronounced [Jul. 15th, 2011|11:42 pm]
something like,
impending doom
hanging low in the night sky
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west virginia [Jun. 11th, 2011|10:43 am]
last night i had this dream where i was on this train and i think i was heading to coney island, it was weird because even though i was on the train it was still pretty much wide open. also, at one point the train was not even running on a track and the train was on grass and in these sorta jungly marshes and then at one point it ended up in the water, the people that were on the train were all confused and sorta panicking including me. then all of a sudden we're on the side of this mountain range sorta in the air or something and someone is explaining that we're in west virgina and the task at hand is to get to ny, we're supposed to be making this trip for some sort of purpose (i don't remember what) and we were being shown the mountains from this arial view there were lots and lots of them and parts of them were being circled almost like a computerized tv model or something. then we were being explained to the best way to go, the person or thing explaining i do not rmemeber but he did explicitly show us the direction to go (north) i remember listening to him and feeling scared and confused and then sorta strangely confident. there was a group of us and the explainer was telling us how we can travel either in pairs or singly but it would be best to travel in pairs. i remember being high up on the ledge of the mountain looking out. it was really scary looking. i also remember seeing thses sorta figures in the mountain, almost like the nasca lines and i rmemebver sorta understanding what they were all about but now i don't really remember those sort of details. i remember another part of the dream where me and this group are in this weird sorta like dive diner and we're sitting on bar stools waiting for food, we're all vegetarian, but there's meat in all our plates and one of the girls got a bird (feathers and all in a sandwich). these are the only details i really really remember. the mountain bit was really weird i wish i could show people visually what i was seeting and how strange the whole thing was i'm like in the mountains but i can also see from a totally arial vantage point and again, the directions being giving to us and even, how we got there it was really really weird and why were we there and how the hell did we get there and why was i even dreaming this to begin with.
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a poem written on some scrap paper [Feb. 21st, 2011|08:56 am]
they call you terrone

meaning that you are a beast from the mountains
taking no heed to the meaning
of the word--its root
making sense of your earth colored skin
and eyes
and the earth that drips from your mouth
and your breath--the smell of sweet figs
your skin that...
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i now know exactly what "it" was [Dec. 24th, 2010|11:50 pm]
the "muse"


the paranoia...

the distinct desire to...run away....

and the impulse to review my work....

this presence is the same presence that has kept me working....writing...creating.....telling my story....telling the world, what it's like...to be " " between the quotes....and reminding me that...i am brilliant....

the sensation that there is a story to be told...that my voice must be heard....and that many many others must and will hear it....i will tell this story....before i die...and i will die soon....i must get my words in order...this comes from somewhere...not wholly me...my muse...my master....
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everything else can betray me....but my awareness remains [Nov. 26th, 2010|12:22 pm]
that over-arching
subtle nature
that sees

i see you beyond yourself
beyond words
beyond this planet
these cells
this air
vocal chords
and popular opinion

you are clear
we are one
i am not deceived


tell me when is honesty best expressed?
in the harsh words that spew from the aggrivated volcano
or the slow steady pour of the sweet lava that continually flows out?


that creates new land
land that bridges
land that conforms
land that keeps us afloat
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death of a thousand butterflies [Nov. 24th, 2010|05:00 pm]
they rise before the final pitfall
each uniquely colored
delicately dusted
wildly stroking the air

they fall one by one within me
fill my body
become me
and i,
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you are the magical detail in this otherwise bleak painting [Nov. 7th, 2010|09:23 pm]
i stare,
imbued by the quality rendered
by so few abstract brush strokes

by every definition

can't bring myself to touch it
to enter it


can't even speak of it
it riddles my existence

and yet,
it is only from that distant vantage
that altogether despondent place

where i cannot breathe
or move
or look away

i am frozen by the complexity
i am fixed upon that one glaring detail

that essence that speaks only of you,
that ethereal being,
who simply is
who is


speaks only of your vagrant nature
your boundless self

that fact that you are so unaware of that boundlessness
that wild beauty
like a reckless bird
like a nonchalant abstraction stretched somewhere in the distance
like a wide open expanse of sky
a renegade flower that springs up through the shit and muck and scream of vibrant color that cannot be characterized with words nor photographed for remembrance

a nature that is so part and parcel
that it rings loudly
vibrating those delicate fibers of being
with no effort

as wild and boundless as nature
as unexpected and unique as a spiraling string of DNA
as unaware as a fawn stooped low drinking from a puddle


an unsuspecting guru
a spiritually evolved ape
an enlightened fool...
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i know i've asked this before but, why did T.S. Elliot say that April was the cruelest month.... [Nov. 2nd, 2010|08:25 pm]
when clearly it's november...

the earth shuts it's eyes, lash by lash
and all things beside,

and imagine being born in a time of death,
and bitter cold descending

once more the disappointment
once more that strange air of deja vous


i went to vote today in my old school.
i could vaguely see myself as a child
i can't even believe my life has happened
the haze of misery and disappointment
the desire to return to some warm, other place
the no space
the no kindred
the no one
every now and then reminds me
of the singular fact

i've been waiting for the moment when all else extinguishes
i've been hoping lately, to just get crushed like a fat water bug
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