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drimmmmm land [Aug. 14th, 2011|04:48 pm]
last night i had the oddest dream, i was in this facility and there was a lot a lot of people. for some reason i was selecting a group of about 10 men that i needed in order to help me with a project that i was doing. i was chosing only men and i had to tell all of these people to separate, men on one side women on the other, then while i was selecting the men i picked a cute one and was like, "so what he doesnt have a brain in his head, he's cute" then i'm not sure what happened and what exactly the project was, something about digging or something. then in this facility irene and mike are living there and for some reason i think it's haunted there and there's some sort of danger. it almost is like a hotel, there are separate rooms. i went to go knock on the door looking for irene, i knew mike wasn't home, from behind the door i hear a voice calling to me, it was an evil voice, it was an evil entity, telling me to come in anyway, it was beckoning me to come in and i almost gave in but then at the last min i walked away down this staircase. in the dream i had a lot more information about the whole situation including information about the evil entitity and what it was trying to do to me but i don't remember now. the last thing that i vividly remember was walking with mike looking for irene on the side of this road...it seemed almost like another country but it was still sorta cityish, with a sidewalk and a bus stop. by the bus stop we saw this girl and i thought it was irene mike didn't think it was. as we got closer we realized it was her only she was dressed completely out of character. from a distance it looked like she wasn't wearing a top and as we walked toward her it looked like a nude colored top then it changed. she had on this long sorta hippy skirt, she was barefoot and she had on this brown, short sleeved velvet turtleneck. we were both sorta shocked to see her like that but then i was thinking, it's irene, i like it. that's all i really remember.